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(Haven’t played that one yet so NO SPOILERS PLEASE). I have to say, this game would be even awesomer with a toggle to play any level at the “Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick” speed. Oh, i’ve been playing this on and off since friday. You people are making me think I need to shell out for the damned game. Now I just need to find out how well the Windows version runs under Crossover, so I don’t have to buy it twice. Bought it after trying the early access demo on the 4th.

  • It’s over 7 years old now and the chances are you’ve played it, but just incase you haven’t, this charming Tower Defence strategy game is available for just over a quid.
  • I don’t know if you can predict where this is going.
  • Each fish has its unique personality and attitude.

Most of the players named it Cyrax’s throne because of the background of the tank. Looks like the natural one in this game. The wooden barrel adds an extra feature to it. It’s like a pirate ship was sunk in here because of the human skeleton with the alcohol bottle. The treasure chest is the focusing point of the skeleton.

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Instead, you will need to have a good strategy to fight each boss monster one on one. And, ah, this write up takes a lot of time so I’d just finish this up later, and not “soon”. 4.Open Insaniquarium Deluxe, and you’ll see you’ve a Gold Trophy and lot of money. In the virtual shop, in the bottom left corner there will be very expensive stuff. Over at the end of a level might just go to Clyde’s mother’s operation fund. Some people consider this section a spoiler, so if you like surprises, you should skip ahead to section 2.6.

#2 Tanked Aquarium Game

Initially, up to 3 pets could be brought to the tank to help the player, though the player could buy the privilege to bring more pets each level later on with more shells. After a tank is completed in Adventure mode, it will be unlocked in Time Trial mode. Time Trial mode restricts the player to completing the first tank in five minutes and in ten minutes for the three subsequent tanks.

I’m on the level with the mermaid and the tank with the blue trophy. It has a time limit of six minutes and I just have one animal to win! The talkshow host screen is the last pet story, accessible only after you win the gold trophy, which requires finishing all 4 challenge levels 8 times eqch, plus 1. But the PopCap loader has some annoying issues. To get the silver trophy, get all of the secret pets (Brinkly the elephant, the nose guy ect.)and both of the upgrades you can get (4 pets in any mode, and 7 pets in v-tank). A silver trophy will appear at the main menu.

New fish, tanks and upgrades will also become unlocked. Special pets will also become available as levels are completed. These do not cost anything, but can offer extra bonuses or help you out in some way. Once unlocked, you will have the option to add them to your future levels. It offers over twenty levels with fast clicking action, a variety of fish and upgrades.

We don’t have any change log information yet for version 1.0 of Insaniquarium. Sometimes publishers take a little while to make this information available, so please check back in a few days to see if it has been updated. This game is free during the one-hour trial period at Pogo. There’s also a demo, and a link to buy the game, at Steam. Jessica Kormos is a writer and editor with 15 years’ experience writing articles, copy, and UX content for, Rosenfeld Media, and many others. The use of software downloaded from this site should comply with the laws in your country.

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