Sectors matchmaking Patrick D. Hill, Specific Degree Coordinator.

Sectors matchmaking Patrick D. Hill, Specific Degree Coordinator.

– Patrick D. Hill, Special Education Coordinator

Circles Program® Level 1 & 2 Bundle

The sectors® VideoModeling® course comprises of three software that teach personal and relationship limitations, social skill, and relationship-specific social skills in a straightforward to appreciate style. The sectors course is useful across School, homes, personal and Vocational options.

  • 5 hours of instruction
  • 8 DVDs
  • 1 Monster Wall Structure Chart
  • 50 Huge Laminated Graph Icons
  • 50 Student Individual Graphs
  • 300 peel n stick icons
  • 2 Teacher’s Courses
  • Sectors Amount 1 Complete
  • Circles Levels 2 Complete

Circles: Intimacy & Relationships®, Level 1

  • 4 DVDs
  • 107 mins of direction
  • 1 Icon Wall Surface Chart
  • 50 Huge Laminated Chart Icons
  • 50 Pupil Personal Graphs
  • 300 peel n stick icons
  • Teacher’s Instructions

Circles®: Closeness & Relationships, Levels 2

  • 4 DVDs
  • 1 icon wall surface graph
  • 50 large laminated graph icons
  • 50 pupil individual graphs
  • 300 peel n adhere icons
  • Teacher’s Manual

Prevent Punishment

The Sectors Curriculum®

State Best-Seller! Teach their students the Circles policies of intimacy, social boundaries and interpersonal expertise.

What’s the Circles Program?

The Circles regimen teaches social point and quantities of closeness using six color-coded concentric groups. Beginning the guts group, which shows the home, each latest coloured circle represents behaviors, thinking, and steps applicable into the length from heart of personal. Sectors was actually compiled by Leslie Walker-Hirsch, Med, Marklyn wine, RN, MSW & James Stanfield, EDD

Eg, individuals may embrace and kiss family, people in the azure Hug Circle, but best wave for the mailman, who would be in the distant tangerine trend circle. escort sites Brownsville TX The groups means has been used effectively to train college students with:

  • finding out disabilities
  • minor to severe emotional handicaps
  • mental handicaps
  • autism
  • sensory impairments, and
  • affective issues


These strategies are considered to be guidelines in specialized knowledge and personal skill knowledge and just have already been well documented within the books that makes Special studies teacher applicants for teaching youngsters with original understanding types

Special Knowledge Training & Pedagogical Techniques

Each individual instructor can personalize each lesson to deal with the precise needs of his / her very own course. The more familiar the instructor turns out to be because of the Circles idea, the greater software he or she will find.



Divided in to two components, “Social Boundaries” and “Relationships Building,” the program is a perfect introduction into the groups Paradigm, particularly for youngsters with slight to slight intellectual disability.

Circles amount 1 has had an entire upgrade. Current with latest movies and extra relationships, Circles will help your children ‘SEE’ personal limitations. Circles amount 1 describes the relationship between intimacy and just how we communicate with rest. Teach your college students how levels of intimacy affect how we TOUCHING, Consult with, and CONFIDENCE one another.


Having its “reality show” style, this newer expanded type of Circles is ideal for illustration the greater amount of delicate applying of the Circles Paradigm. This is why the right “Second Step” for college students with mild to limited intellectual challenged and that can be used as a stand-alone introduction for larger operation and standard children.

Levels 2 Second-Step Material include:

  • Renewable Closeness Level Symptoms
  • Circle Jumping: when it’s okay and when it’s not
  • Reversal of Intimacy Degree
  • Rejecting Closeness and Having Intimacy Rejected
  • Relationship Dissolution, plus!

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